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Over the last 8 years, I've proven my ability to put friendships aside in order to work for and defend the people who elected me.


I have stood steadfast against bad government and its growth, opposed needless tax increases, fought to protect your liberties and children in schools, defended the rights of our first responders, and helped end abortion in Louisiana.

If you and God desire it, I will continue to be your shield and advocate in Baton Rouge for my final term.


In your service,

Dodie Horton


Delivered for the People


Bossier Infrastructure

According to the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, Dodie Horton has helped secure over $200 million worth of infrastructure improvements across Bossier Parish. This figure encompasses all infrastructure such as road repairs, bridge replacements, enhancing drainage, drinking water improvements, and rail upgrades. 

This number does not include any projects funded during the 2023 Regular Session.

For an interactive map of DOTD projects and their status, click the link below.

Opposed  Taxes

Since day one, Dodie Horton has said she would oppose needless tax increases. She has honored her word and pledge from her first campaign to today! 

Despite the immense pressure put on her by the Governor, legislative leadership, and even local government officials during the initial sales tax increase debate in 2016; Dodie Horton refused to compromise her morals or commitment to the people who sent her to Baton Rouge to be their voice. Since that time, she has taken knives in the back, been threatened, and slandered for her unwavering commitment to do the will of her constituents... instead of the will of those who only want to grow bad government.

While consistently looking to reform our tax policy, Dodie Horton has continued to vote against the sales tax renew and other tax schemes that would hurt the hardworking men and women of District 9.

Dodie passed legislation establishing the Louisiana Tax Institute within the Legislature to help guide legislators in the creation of better tax policy.

First Responders

With a Shreveport police officer as a dad and a retired firefighter as a husband, no one knows the issues more than Dodie Horton! 

Regardless of who she has had to go up against, Dodie has always voted to protect the rights of first responders, expand their benefits, and defend qualified immunity.

Below are some of the legislation she authored on behalf of the brave men and women who keep our district safe:


Made Hearing Loss an Occupational
Disease for Police Service


Protected Firefighters by

Limiting Chemical Exposure 

Honoring Officer Thomas LaValley

Passed HB70 for Bossier City



As the daughter of a Korean War Veteran, Dodie Horton has always voted to provide more support for our Veterans! It takes a special person to be willing to sacrifice their life for others they'll never know. In addition to voting for other pro-veteran legislation, Dodie was also able to get the following legislation signed into law:


Provided Unemployment Compensation for

Military Spouses during Relocation while 

NOT Punishing the Former Employer


Allows a Judge to Overrule the Dept. of

Children and Family Services (DCFS)

in a Child Placement Dispute

Provides Free Parking for Disabled

Veterans at Airports


As a former bus driver, employees of our school systems hold a special place in Dodie's heart. She has done everything she can to help our teachers in a fiscally responsible way; including voting for their pay raises. 

In addition to supporting teachers and support staff, Dodie Horton is also leading the fight agains the woke-left's hostile attempt to turn our education system into indoctrination centers. She has routinely voted to prevent the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT), the 1619 Project, transgenderism, and other topics not found in the approved curriculum. In addition to preventing the indoctrination, she has voted to teach a pro-American curriculum that taught the realities of our history free of bias.

Dodie Horton is also proud to be leading the fight to ensure every student knows our national motto. She has filed legislation amending current law to require the national motto be placed on a sign in every classroom. This will ensure every student knows that "In God We Trust". Dodie's fiscally conservative nature shows in this legislation ensuring that the school systems can accept these signs as donations from individuals, businesses, and non-profits.

"In God We Trust" Legislation

Small Business

Since Dodie's time in office, she has always scored among the top legislators with the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (LABI) and the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). As a ranking member of the Labor & Industrial Relation Committee, she is able to kill bad regulations and laws before they even have a chance to make it to the House floor or Senate.


Besides killing bad regulations and opposing burdensome taxes, Dodie has helped several local businesses with their needs related to the Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Revenue, and a variety of regulatory agencies. She also carried and passed legislation to help our local farmers.

Cypress-Black Bayou

At the behest of constituents and in coordination with the Bossier Parish Police Jury's lawyer, Dodie Horton authored legislation bringing the Cypress-Black Bayou Recreation & Water Conservative District into compliance with our 1974 Constitution. Before this law's passage, homeowners were at the complete mercy of the water district with virtually no recourse.

Cypress-Black Bayou Legislation

Special Needs

Dodie has fought tirelessly to help provide assistance for those who can't help themselves. Through a bi-partisan effort, she was able to implement the TEFRA option here in Louisiana. This allowed children requiring full-time care to have that care performed in their own home instead of at a facility. The children are able to qualify for this program regardless of the parent's income.

In addition to this monumental legislation, Dodie has voted for several other pieces of legislation expanding coverage for children with disabilities. Without limited coverage, she also passed legislation helping reduce the amount of fraud through Medicaid's coverage of behavioral health services.

The TEFRA Option

Medicaid's Behavioral Health Reform


Anyone who knows Dodie knows that her Christian faith is the centerpiece of all that she does. That is why she has always voted with Louisiana Right-to-Life to protect the unborn. It is through those efforts that abortion procedures were effectively stopped upon the Supreme Court's decision affecting Roe v. Wade. 

But Dodie maintains that being pro-life isn't just preventing the murder of innocent children. That is why she has always voted for legislation with an eye towards care for new borns, a tax deduction for those families mourning still-borns, holding mom's accountable for prenatal neglect, and much more.

Prenatal Neglect Legislation


It should go without saying that Dodie is not just pro-gun, she is pro-2nd Amendment. She believes that the Second Amendment is about your right to defend yourself, your family, and your property... it is NOT about hunting.

That is why Dodie has voted for Constitutional Carry, expanding your 2nd Amendment protections, and mitigating unconstitutional federal gun regulations.

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