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Over the last 8 years, I've proven my ability to put friendships aside in order to work for and defend the people who elected me.


I have stood steadfast against bad government and its growth, opposed needless tax increases, fought to protect your liberties and children in schools, defended the rights of our first responders, and helped end abortion in Louisiana.

If you and God desire it, I will continue to be your shield and advocate in Baton Rouge for my final term.


In your service,

Dodie Horton


Dodie Horton
Delivered for the People

secured over $200 million in infrastructure improvements

opposed needless tax increases

supports First Responders while protecting their rights and benefits

supports our Veterans

supports our Teachers and staff

fights the woke-left's radical agenda destroying our education system & families

defends small businesses & their employees

instrumental in expanding assistance for those with special needs

protects the unborn through pro-life votes

defends our 2nd Amendment Rights

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